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Blogging block? 19 Mar 2008

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As usual, I’ve started this blog and immediately let it go fallow. I realize that I have aspirations to be one of those bloggers, you know, the ones who aren’t just linking somewhere else and following it up with “Indeed,” but publishing insightful—or failing that, at least interesting—essays on various topics. The problem, particularly with a blog that’s supposed to be commenting on current events, is that I’m a nitpicky bastard when it comes to writing essays, and I have not only a full-time job but other projects that should be occupying more of my time. So I fit in essay-writing around the nooks and crannies. And it takes me a long time to get the essays written. Too long. Nobody gives a damn what you think about Huckabee dropping out a month after he’s gone.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do to resolve this, but I’m going to—yet again—try to put some effort into doing so. Maybe relax my own standards, try to write shorter things. Be willing to put up more links and quotes (like the last acerbic one, although not always that acerbic, I promise). And ideally see if I can’t write at least one newspaper column worth of text every week, although that might be a challenge.