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I’m going to comment on politics from a viewpoint that’s somewhat idiosyncratically left-libertarian. (One might argue that “idiosyncratic left-libertarian” is redundant.) I’m not going to automatically assume you’re a bozo because you’re against things I’m for, or vice-versa. I’m not going to insult you by making arguments that merely belittle your position rather than attempt to rebut it. If you can manage the same assumptions, we’ll get along. I don’t promise not to ever piss you off, but I do promise not to piss you off by pretending that slinging around “Hitlery” and “Rethuglican” contribute anything to healthy political discourse.

So we’re clear on terms, I’m using “left-libertarian” in the same sense that the folks at the Political Compass test use it. By libertarian I mean a belief that the individual is more important than the state; by left I mean a belief that economic regulation is valuable. For those of you who know the Political Compass scoring system, I’m around -1.5 economically, and -5.3 socially. This puts me retty solidly in libertarian territory on the social scale (as opposed to authoritarian), but economically I’m just a touch left of center: definitely more Keynes than Friedman, but not Marx, either.

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